Coastal towns offer a variety of possibilities like waterskiing, diving, sailing, wind surfing, underwater fishing and swimming marathons. Istria is covered with bike trails, and various cycling races and competitions are organized. There are also golf courses, possibilities for ballooning or hang gliding. Or you can choose to play tennis, race cars or motorbikes, go caving, but also river fishing, trekking or climbing.

Istria bike trails

Those seeking adrenaline-charged thrills can try ballooning or hang gliding, go-karting or racing, whereas the youngest ones can enjoy the waterslides in the newly opened water park.  If you decide to watch shooting stars or want to learn more about this phenomenon, you can visit the world famous observatory in Višnjan. The most courageous ones can explore karst caves with the Proteus anguinus. Long walks through green meadows, by the river or beach are a time of meditation, and together with the fresh air they have a beneficial effect and healing power. You can go fishing, bathe in thermal waters or engage in picking asparagus, truffle hunting or olive picking, making you feel the life, scents and tastes of Istria.

bike trails
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istria activities