Holidays in Istria

Immersed in the Adriatic Sea, the Istrian Peninsula is famous both for its natural beauties and rich history. Surrounded by the sea and mountains, it is characterized by a great variety of landscape and climate. Its strategic position among Austria, Slovenia and Italy today makes it a top tourist draw, whereas once it stood at the crossroads of different cultures and peoples, such as the Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Venetians, Austrians and Germans. They all left a rich and varied cultural treasure, so that today Istria is the home of UNESCO's heritage, Roman monuments, frescoes and medieval towns, yet at the same time economically the most developed region in Croatia. This is also a land of many legends and interesting historical tales.

Wellcome to Istria and enjoy in your holidays in beautiful Istria.


Today Istria puts a lot of effort in creating its image of an important tourist destination in this part of Europe, adjusting its economic development accordingly. So, coastal towns in this small area and those inland develop in a way that best reflects their assets.


Coastal towns offer a variety of possibilities like waterskiing, diving, sailing, wind surfing, underwater fishing and swimming marathons. Istria is covered with bike trails, and various cycling races and competitions are organized. There are also golf courses, possibilities for ballooning or hang gliding. Or you can choose to play tennis, race cars or motorbikes, go caving, but also river fishing, trekking or climbing.


Istria is the land of truffles, asparagus and fine wine, whereas seafood delicacies are a real treat. High quality olive oil adds a special flavor to food which makes Istria a region of gastronomic delights. Various konobas, restaurants and fashionable places try to do their best and show how to enjoy the exquisite tastes of Istria.

Wine roads

Cultivated vineyards and an abundance of wine roads testify to the tradition of winegrowing and appreciating wine. Malvasia, once the only famous wine variety marked the beginning of exploration of winemakers and the development of an enchanting story. So, today you can enjoy different varieties of Chardonnay, Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon or sweet Muscat wines and wine liqueurs. A real competition for winemakers and lovers of fine wine is the experience of visiting wine cellars or the great exhibition of wine "Vinistra".

Nearby Beaches

In the close vicinity there are over 20 maintained beaches with the European title "Blue Flag" that guarantees easy access to the sea and strict criteria for quality of sea water. There are town beaches, secluded beaches or naturist beaches in the nearby camps.